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Digital signage solution, importance and opportunities

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Digital signage, is a digital screen (normally a LCD monitor) used for advertising. Common places for this type of electronic signs are retail shops, restaurant, waiting rooms as well as any small company with close relation to the customers and clients. In the recent years, small businesses are moving from printed static signs to more dynamic, flexible, and customizable digital signage.


 “In a survey of 204 retail and marketing executives from large- and medium-sized banks around the world, nine out of ten say digital signage is an important part of in-branch marketing. Two thirds of those say it is very important.”

John Ryan, 2013 Digital Signage in Retail Financial Services

Advantage of digital signage

The most important advantage of digital signage compare to the traditional static signage is customizability. Digital signage can be used for a variety of purposes for small businesses. They can be customized to fit specific needs of any company. Unlike the traditional advertising material, digital signage can be customised quickly and easily. Dynamic advertising material is next feature of digital signage, allowing for a targeted and dynamic approach to the consumer. If compared to old static signs like posters, digital displays can convey considerably more information. It is important to note that these dynamic advertising materials are more appealing and eye catching too. Dynamic signs simply draw attention to themselves because they stand out. It is also possible to programmed different messages for different audience. This allows the businesses to change their message towards their specific audience. Targeting the message to a particular audience means the message is more relevant to them. The next benefit of digital signage, particularly in retail is that make you able to market in the moment. This means being able to effect the potential customers and change their opinion at the purchase.

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