Decision between LED Signs or LCD signage


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One of the question we often get asked is whether LCD digital signage or LED digital signage are better for advertising. There is no unique answer to this question because LCD and LED displays have advantage and disadvantage over each other. Before answering this question, we need to discuss about advantage of each digital display.


Decision between LED Signs or LCD signage

LED digital signage vs LED digital signage

LCD digital signage is similar to normal LCD TVs or monitors. It is a thin layer of Liquid Crystal Display between two player of plastic. This LCD layer doesn’t have any light; therefore, there are some Light source behind the LCD layer to provide light. In the other hand, LED Signs are a matrix of individual LED light beside each other and each LED light makes a pixel of the image. These LED lights are relatively bigger than pixels of LCD display and much brighter.

LED Signs

Advantage of LCD displays

LCD digital signage have more resolution and make images with lots of details. This type of digital signage is suitable for application you need to show lots of information or high resolution image to people from very close distance.

Advantage of LED displays

LED signs are much more bright and eye catching. In addition to higher brightness we can custom size the LED signs to fit any size and even any shape. Higher brightness makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor application. Also installation of LED displays is easier. But, resolution of LED displays is lower and they suitable for longer viewing distance.

Hardware and Ongoing Costs

Hardware and ongoing costs are all about the size. There are lots of small LCD digital signage with affordable price in the market. But when it comes to relatively bigger size like 2m by 1m, LCD displays are very expensive. For big size LED sign and LED displays, even with small pixel pitch are more affordable.
Electricity consumption of LED signs are a bit more than LCD signage but the differences are negligible.

So which product is more suitable?

Deciding about the right digital display technology depends on your application. If you need a small digital display for indoor, LCD display are the way to go. If you need to hang a big display several feet away from viewers LED signs suits you.
In Innovative Media Group we consider lots of other factors to offer you the best solution for your digital signage. Feel free to contact us to receive more information about the different types of digital signage.