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Restaurant and Cafe digital signage solution

Digital Signage and Digital Menu Boards for Restaurants

How do you invite customers to your restaurant?

How do you present your restaurant’s perfect foods to your potential customers?

It is easy and quite beneficial to use advantages of using digital signage and digital menu board to persuade and invite customers to your restaurant, take away stores, fast foods, cafe or bars. Digital signage campaigns with affordable price is a perfect choice for small business to make them more profitable.

Digital Displays and Digital Signage for Restaurant and Cafe

Restaurants, Take-away and Café shops are the ideal candidates for digital displays. If you are in a popular destination or a shopping centre with great foot traffic, a digital signage behind the window or on the wall could be a perfect invitation to the passerby. Digital signage completely change the view of the restaurant and making it more welcoming and foods more tempting to customers. A well-designed digital display encourages impulse sales and peaks a customer’s curiosity. Nothing grabs hungry and tired people’s eyes more than a dynamic and eye catching display of a delicious foods. And not the one that's cheap or printed one, but the one is taken by professional photographer and graphic designer on a LCD display. It says you are the source for excitement.

Restaurant Digital Signage Solution

Innovative Media Group provides comprehensive digital signage solutions for restaurants, take-aways and cafes. We cover all your needs from digital display design, food photography and media production to installation as well as on-going supports. With our exclusive restaurant signage solution packages you can easily get your signage running.

Our Restaurant Digital Signage Solutions include:

  • High brightness digital display
  • Food photography
  • Media production and graphic design
  • Installation


Restaurant digital signage

Our Restaurant Digital Signage Solutions include:

Digital Display

We provide wide range of digital displays for indoor or high brightness sun-readable for behind the window. You have option to use any size from 36 to 65 inch with portrait or landscape view base on your restaurant design, decoration and specific needs. For more information about our digital displays and specification please visit:

Digital displays ...

Food Photography

Main purpose of digital signage in restaurant is food presentation in the best way. Our restaurant digital signage package includes whole menu food photography by professional photographers. You have option of studio or in-site photography for your ease. For more information about our photography services and see our samples visit:

Photography services ...

Media Production

To deliver effective digital signage, we serve our clients with innovative media production. Our graphic design team is capable of designing graphics, creating eye catching video content using your food photos. If you already have TV ads, photos and media, you can use them in your digital signage. For more information and samples visit:

Media production ...

How to Order and Prices

Our restaurant signage package cover all you need to get your digital signage up and running. However, if you have a digital display installed or have photos or advertising media from other advertising campaign, you have option of using an specific part of our package. Price of restaurant signage depends on the number and size of displays, type of displays (whether it is normal or high brightness with sun-readability), food photography session and media production. For more information about this solution package and request a free consulting and quote contact us.

Some Media Samples:

Signage in action: